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Judy Colwell, M.A.,
Counseling Psychology

Former Assistant Director of Admissions
Stanford University School of Medicine
Current Mock Interview Specialist/Pre-Med Advisor
Stanford University

For further information:

March 1, 2019: I am currently unable to accept new clients.

Entering Class 2020:
Beginning January 2019:
- I will work with a limited number of NON-TRADITIONAL applicants (those who already have their bachelor's degree conferred) to review and evaluate their pre-medical application credentials.

- I will discuss with you what medical schools look for in well-qualified applicants; assist you in evaluating your credentials for your upcoming application, including evaluating a previous application, reviewing drafts of your personal statement as well as the experiences write-ups; review/tweak your school list.

- I will not be working with clients from June 1st until lSeptenber 2019. With your own proper planning you can have your application in good shape by June 1st, which is one month after the usual opening date for starting the process of filling out primary applications and the usual June 1st application submission date.

June 2019 - September 1, 2019:
I will be taking a Summer Sabbatical. I will not be providing assistance in the late spring/summer application process (e.g. secondary essays).

September 1, 2019:
- I will review secondary applications and provide interview preparation (mock interviews). I will work with any applicant (traditional and non-traditional) who has submitted a primary application and is in the secondary-essay application process is preparing for interviews.

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What I do (in a nutshell): I counsel those who are interested in what it takes both academically and non-academically to become a well-qualified applicant to medical school as they prepare their applications.

Almost no other medical school admissions consultant has this combined background of both 10 years as an Admissions Committee Voting Member & as an ongoing Stanford University on-staff pre-med advisor and Mock Interview Specialist, as well as 19 years of medical school admissions private consulting.


Formerly Assistant Director of Medical School Admissions at Stanford University (1990-1999), and as an Academic Advisor to pre-med freshmen and sophomores, I understand your questions and uncertainties. With my 10 years medical school admissions committee, I have a unique knowledge of the admissions process from the "inside."

As a 29 year undergraduate advisor to pre-meds coming from every possible college major, I am able to blend this knowledge with my Admissions Committee experience.

If you are within a year of applying, you and I will:
- Evaluate your coursework.
- Review your extracurricular activities.
- Discuss clinical opportunities and community service.

SECONDARY APPLICATION APPLICANTS (those from late applicants who have not submitted them during summer)
- Briefly review your AMCAS application to address any obvious "issues."
- Review secondary essays for content and grammar.

The interview trip - planning, etc.
Dealing with the Admissions offices.

The Mock Interview includes:
Tips for your interview day.
Questions that you may be asked during an interview, both traditional and MMI.
A discussion of your responses.

"Too many interviewees are unprepared," according to Gabriel Garcia, MD, former Assoc. Dean of Admissions, Stanford University. School of Medicine.

I want you to know the joy of a congratulatory acceptance.

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Judith J. Colwell, MA
Medical School Admissions Consultant
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