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Judy Colwell, M.A.,
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Former Assistant Director of Admissions
Stanford University School of Medicine
Current Mock Interview Specialist/Pre-Med Advisor
Stanford University

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CONGRATULATONS to these clients who are interviewing for the Entering Class of 2018

GA (NY): Interview offered at:

CB (CA): Interview offered at:
Cal Northstate
Acceptance: Callifornia Northstate

DD (CA): Interviews offered at:
Case Western, Creighton, Jefferson, Mayo-AZ, Northwestern, Rush, Stanford,
Acceptance: Case Western, Creighton, Jefferson

WF (CA): Interview offered at:

CG (AZ): Interview offered at:
Northeastern Ohio U.

JG (CA): Interview offered at:
Drexel U, LECOM.

ZH (WA): Interviews offered at:
AT Still, Pacific Northwest U., Rowan, Touro-NY, Washington State U, U. Washington
Acceptances: AT Still COM, Pacific Northwest U., U. Washington, Washington State U.

NJ (CA): Interview offered at:
St Louis U, U. Massachusettes
Acceptance: St Louis U.

DK (NY): Interviews offered at:
Columbia, New York U., UCSD, Yale

AL (IL): Interview offered at:
Rosalind Franklin U.
Acceptance: Rosalind Franklin U.

EL (CA): Interviews offered at:
Loyola U., Quinnipiac

JL (CA): Interview offered at:
California U. Medicine & Science, Seton Hall
Acceptance: California U. Medicine & Science

LL (VA): Interview offered at:
Virginia Tech, Medical College of Wisconsin
Acceptance: Medical College of Wisconsin

SL (CA): Interviews offered at:
Albany, Arizona COM, Kansas City COM, Touro-CA COM
Acceptances: AZ-COM, Touro-CA COM

YL (CA) Interview offered at:

BM (CA): Interviews offered at:
Jefferson, Medical College of Wisconsin, Oakland, Tulane, Nova Southeastern, U. Vermont
Acceptance: Jefferson, Medical College of Wisconsin, Nova Southeastern

CM (CA) Interviews offered at:
Case Western, Temple, U. Colorado

CM (CA): Interviews offered at:
Cal Northstate, Case Western, Loma Linda, Quinnipiac, St. Louis U.
Acceptance: St. Louis U.

GS (UT): Interviews offered at:
Rochester U., SUNY-Upstate, Tufts

EM (KY): Interviews offered at:
U. Cincinnati, U. Kentucky, U. Louisville, U. Toledo
Acceptances: U. Cincinnati, U. Kentucky, U. Louisville, U. Toledo

HT (CA): Interview offered at:
New York Medical College

JT (FL): Interviews offered at:
Arizona COM, Florida State U., Touro-NV COM, Touro-NY COM
Acceptance: Touro-NY COM

BZ (CA): Interview offered at:
U. Cincinati

JZ (NY): Interviews offered at:
Hofstra, SUNY Upstate

CONGRATULATONS to these clients who are matrulcating into the Entering Class of 2017.
(Many have not informed me of their interviews and/or acceptances.)

NB (CA): Interviews offered at:
Case Western, Florida International U., Drexel, Jefferson, Rosalind Frankin, U. Minnesota, U. South Florida
Acceptances: Case Western, Drexel, Florida International U., Mt.Sinai, U. South Florida

SB (CA): Interview offered at:
California Northstate U., UC-Davis
Acceptance: California Northstate U.

CC (WA): Interview offered at:
Western Washngton U.
Acceptance: Western Washington U.

KD (CA): Interviews offered at:
Rosalind Franklin U., Tulane

KD (CO): Interview offered at:
U. Utah

MF (MA):
Acceptance: Ohio State pre-matriculation program

CH (CA): Interview offered at:
California Northstate
Acceptance: California Northstate

IH (WA) Interviews offered at:
Albany, U . Washington, Western Washington U., Wright State
Acceptance: Albany

JH (NY): Interviews offered at:
Emory, Hofstra, New York Medical College, Pennsylvania State, Quinnipiac, SUNY-Upstate
Acceptances: Quinnipiac, SUNY-Upstate

SK (MI): Interview offered at:
U. Michigan

CL (CA): Interviews offered at:
George Washington, Rush, UC-Davis
Acceptances: George Washington, UC-Davis

CL (CA): Interview offered at:
St. Louis U., Touro-CA, Western COM

EL (CA): Interviews offered at:
Arizona COM, Marian COM

JL (CA): Interview offered at:

RK (CA): Interviews offered at:
California Northstate, Case Western, Commonwealth, UC-Riverside, U. Cincinnati
Acceptance: California Northstate, Case Western

KM (CA): Interview offered at:
George Washington

AN (CA): Interview offered at:
U. Iowa
Acceptance: St. Louis U.

NN(CA) : Interviews offered at:
U. Queensland, Wake Forest U.
Acceptance: U. Queensland

AP (CA): Interview offered at:
George Washington
Acceptance: George Washington

AR (CA): Interviews offered at:
Oregon Health Sciences, U. Arizona-Phoenix, U. Colorado, U. Illinois-Chicago

AR (WY): Interviews offered at:
Arizona COM, Oregon Health Sciences, Pacific Northwest U., Rocky Vista COM, Touro-CA, Touro-NV, Tufts, U. Nevada,
U. North Dakota, U. Washington, Western U./COMP-CA, Western U./COMP-Lebanon
Acceptances: Arizona COM, Rocky Vista COM, Western U./COMP-Lebanon

KR (NY): Interviews offered at:
Albany, Cooper, Lake Erie COM, New Jersey Med, NYIT COM, Touro-NY, Virginia Commonwealth U., Virginia Tech Carilion
Acceptances: Albany, Cooper COM (Rohan), Kansas City COM, NYIT COM, Touro-NY COM, Virginia Commonwealth U.

GS (CO): Interview offered at:
Touro-CA COM

JS (MA): Interview offered at:
Western Michigan U.
Acceptance: Western Michigan U.

MS (Canada): Interviews offered at:
Dartmouth, Mayo Medical, Mt. Sinai, New York U., SUNY Stony Brook
Acceptance: Dartmouth

NS (CA): Interviews offered at:
Boston U., U. Southern California, U. Virginia

SS (CA): Interview ofered at:
Case Western Reserve, Ohio State U.
Acceptance: Case Western Reserve, Ohio State U.

YS (CA): Interview offered at:
U. Arizona-Tucson

KT (MA): Interview offered at:
Virginia Tech Carilion, Touro-CA
Acceptance: Touro-CA

EW (NV): Interview offered at:
U. Nevada Las Vegas
Acceptance: U. Nevada Las Vegas

BZ (CA): Interview offered at:
Commonwealth U.

TZ (IL): Interview offered at:
U. Illinois-Chicago

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Judith J. Colwell, MA
Medical School Admissions Consultant
Menlo Park, CA
Tel: 650-888-9477

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, 2018
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