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Judy Colwell
M.A., Counseling Psychology

Former Assistant Director of Admissions
Stanford University School of Medicine

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(or 650.888.9477)

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When we do a mock interview, I need from you:

A copy of your AMCAS application. (Instructions for electronically sending this are below.)

1. The Personal Inventory to include:

- The "Client Information and Release" pages (first two pages)
- Questions 10 and 11 completed.

2. Payment through PayPal

Getting a copy of your AMCAS application to me:

These are instructions which were given to me by a client, and it seems to work quite well.

1) open up your AMCAS application (it is said that Internet Explorer works better than Netscape for the AMCAS application).

2) On the side bar of options that AMCAS presents, at the bottom, (right below the 'Certify & Submit Changes' option) choose the 'print a copy of application' option.

3) now a copy of your application will appear but instead of printing it, just go up top to the menu bar and under 'File' choose 'save as'.

4) After choosing 'save as', your file should be saved (as a .pdf) on your computer wherever you decided (either on the desktop, in a separate folder or a disk (A: drive) you if want)

5) Then just go to your email and attach the file from wherever it you saved it on your computer and send it (do NOT cut and paste into the body of the email but attach it into the header area where you can attach documents).

Judith J. Colwell, MA
Medical School Admissions Consultant
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